About The Artist

MY CHIEF OBJECTIVE in working with obscure organisms and minerals is to foster a deeper appreciation for the masterful design found everywhere in the natural world. My four lines, Pheromone. Oceana, Elements, and Reclamation are each a point in the through line of humankind’s biophilia – our instinctive, collective need to affiliate with the life forms around us. Our biophilia compels us to do countless good for – and to take great care in – the protection and preservation of the life forms we share our planet with. This is one of the many positive aspects of our innate nature-love, a desire to preserve for ours and for future generations the diverse beauties that have added such dimension to our own existence.

But there is a danger of mistaking the means for the end in our important efforts to preserve earths’ organisms and resources. More and more, society is being driven indoors, staring at screens, living virtually instead of viscerally – passively instead of physically. And when we do venture outdoors, the experience is often proscribed – we are told to stay off the grass, stay with the group, stay on the trail. Too much of our world is being systematically roped off in our zeal to protect the planet from ourselves. In so doing, we run the risk of stifling the very life experience nature is meant to enrich.

Butterfly Working Headshot

If my work does nothing more than to help lessen some of the barriers that are being erected between mankind and the natural world, then I have accomplished much of what I set out to do. My photography, though an important part of my work, is not my craft. I create art with my hands using precious pieces of nature. I offer connection in an aesthetically compelling format with three dimensional bits of reality. Exotic, beautiful, mysterious, tangible reality. I believe it does much more than simply adorn walls and spark conversation I believe it helps to deepen love for our planet while grounding us corporeally at a time when a world filled with two-dimensional interactions is numbing us to much of the life we were designed to experience.

Pairing unsuspecting humans with exquisite artifacts of nature has an amazing power to awaken innate, if latent, passion for the mysteries of our world. They beckon to all who will seek them. So much of nature’s story is yet unheard. I hope to help it ring more clearly.

Christopher Marley